Main issues

Quick brief breakdown of WHY I’M RUNNING FOR CITY COUNCIL


The baby-boomer’s are almost extinct. that generation must pass the baton onto the Millennials, but we must do this responsibly. In preparation, we must Provide new and up to date quality programs & resources for our youth, empowering them to become sustainable effective leaders in their community. We must also provide a collaborative agreement to secure city support of human services (police, fire, health department, businesses etc..), allowing residence to Create & implement legislation for new policy & procedure.


My vision & mission is to assist with the safety of our communities. We must reduce gun violence and work with the police & fire department by combining the old methods with the new methods. Such as police walking the beat of the neighborhood. Residence will know them, respect them and cooperate with them & vice versa. The new method, police/firemen will be equipped with camera’s & any state of the art implemented as policy. Residence must play a major role as well by becoming transparent by attending community council meetings, neighborhood block parties and become a positive entity.


Jobs & training programs for individuals or families. small Businesses, churches and Corporations must adhere to 21st century practices in the workforce industry. Green technology and Manufacturing are new industries to tap for the residence of Cincinnati. Educating and training Gardening skills will allow our youth to grow their own food, sell what they grow and feed those in need. Each one will teach one for generations to come. Currently, the City of Cincinnati has a program called, “Office of economic inclusion”. It’s intent is to provide support to minority own businesses that do work in the city. 


As a retired educator, I want to assist in improving educational resources. If there is anyway possible, there should be new legislature to open a vocational/technology school of missionary, plumbing, electrical, carpentry & home economic (fashion  design) . Core classes of Science, Math, English & Civics should be mandatory. This could be a beautiful resolution. Young boys & girls will have a life time interest. Violence will decrease on the street. Students will be taken to Columbus 2 weeks before graduation so they can become employed or become entrepreneurs right after graduation. Just saying